Mobility data by PTV

Traffic models and traffic frequencies

With our mobility data, you always have access to traffic models and traffic frequencies – if you need, also down to a specific street section or weekday and time.

All this mobility data can, of course, be combined with our mobility software for a perfect fit, even in real-time applications. We are also able to offer further street data as extension.

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Always know what the traffic is like in your area

PTV Visum multimodal transport
Powerful traffic model, ready to go

Full-featured traffic model without complex and cost-intensive in-house modeling

PTV Balance & Epics benefits: Reduce congestion & improve traffic flow
Traffic volume data for the whole of Germany

Uniform model quality across the country for comparative analyses throughout Germany

PTV Balance Epics
Mobility-related location evaluation

Analysis of traffic flows at your locations including origin and destination of all passing vehicles

Reading traffic flows

All the traffic data you need for your traffic modeling – or a finished model right away.

For effective trip planning within fleet management, for traffic planning, but also for outdoor advertising and other marketing purposes, data on traffic flows provides valuable information.

We provide you with all the data you need for your own traffic model or for analysis and planning purposes. However, you can also use powerful and full-featured traffic models from our range and aggregate them directly with your data.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to purchase an entire package or whether you only need access to data of a certain level of detail, a specific regional section or, depending on the circumstances, only selected time periods.

PTV Validate: Traffic model for the whole of Germany

Creating a local or regional traffic model is time-consuming and expensive. Nevertheless, a comprehensive and up-to-date traffic model is necessary for traffic studies, environmental analyses, but also for location analyses. And it is vital to assess the impact of infrastructure projects.

PTV Validate can be used immediately, therefore providing a time-efficient and cost-efficient alternative. Validate covers the entire German major road network, making it one of the largest traffic models on the market. The fully calibrated model has been continuously developed since 2005 with the help of the traffic planning software PTV Visum and delivers, among other things, car and truck traffic volume figures as a result. With Validate, you have access to all the information you expect from a traffic model – without the cost and time of creating a custom model.

The traffic volume figures, which are available including direction of traffic, can also be used for GIS analyses based on the street network from PTV Digital Data Streets for routes in categories 1 to 6.

In addition to the volume values for the average working day, PTV Validate also provides hourly data for all days of the week, which in turn are available tailored to Digital Data Streets for the entire German major road network.

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Location analysis with PTV Validate

Due to the model approach of Validate, not only volume figures are available, but also the route of each modeled vehicle can be stored and evaluated with the PTV Visum software.

For location planners, such traffic flow data opens up new and innovative analysis possibilities: route-based traffic analyses provide insight into the source and destination of traffic flows surrounding the location and show the major routes used in each case. This allows areas that are underserved to be quickly identified for expansion planning, while also taking competitor locations into account.

Agent-based modeling

We offer further mobility models on the basis of agent-based modeling, which, among other things, provide information about the movements of the population within a precisely defined temporal and spatial section of a country.

The Senozon mobility model, for example, provides a detailed spatial and temporal image of a region and its infrastructure in high resolution and shows the mobility behavior of the population in public spaces on the basis of mobility surveys.

It is based on population and demographic data from the statistical offices, on the basis of which a synthetic, completely anonymous population has been developed. This synthetic population is statistically representative of the real population of the respective country.

Floating car data for real-time applications

Vehicles equipped with GPS devices record information about their position, route and driving speed throughout the entire street network. This data is called floating car data (FCD) and can be used to derive historical speed data or also for real-time applications. FCD based on GPS trajectories opens many possibilities for traffic modeling and analysis and provide valuable information for traffic planners and decision-makers. For example, they enable traffic planners to analyze capacity bottlenecks in the street network: hotspots where congestion regularly occurs can be identified and resolved.

Based on this, we have comprehensive real-time traffic data from HERE, INRIX and TomTom for optimum traffic control and congestion avoidance in our range. They can be used directly in PTV Visum and PTV Vissim.

Attractive features

Features of PTV Validate

With its comprehensive traffic volume data, PTV Validate also serves as a valuable data provider. Due to its predictive capability, it is suitable for traffic studies that are intended to evaluate the effects of infrastructure measures.

The traffic assignments calculated in PTV Visum also provide route information in addition to volume figures: The model not only provides information about the number of vehicles passing a location, but also about where they are coming from, where they are going and the route on which they are traveling. This provides valuable insights for the evaluation of locations for commercial areas or advertising spaces.

Detailed information on PTV Validate

PTV Validate


PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH

Short description

As one of the largest traffic models in the world, PTV Validate provides car and truck volumes for the entire German major road network and is suitable for traffic and location analyses.

Key words

Traffic volumes, traffic frequencies, traffic model


Standard data format MS Access, MapInfo TAB

Country coverage

Germany, France


available from PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH


upon request (is dependent on the configuration of the desired area section)



Actuality of the data set

August 2021


Detailed information on Senozon mobility model

Senozon mobility model


PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH Senozon AG

Short description

The basis of the mobility model is the high-quality frequency data gathered by Senozon (differentiated according to means of transport), extended by trip purposes and time (essential). The model is made unique by linking it to target group models such as Sinus Milieus® and the b4p (best for planning), as well as socio-demographic variables (advanced). Agent-based model approach: 80 million people in the form of a synthetic population enable a model approach that does not raise any data protection concerns.

Key words

Mobility model


MapInfo TAB, ESRI shapefiles, csv

Country coverage

Germany as well as German, Austrian and Swiss area


available from PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH


upon request (is dependent on the configuration of the desired area section)



Actuality of the data set



Test PTV data now!

We provide test data for internal demo and test purposes to download for free.

The test data is usually available in MapInfo TAB, MIF/MID and ESRI shapefile formats.

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