PTV Data for Mobility

Enhance your mobility software with the right data

Traffic models and other mobility solutions can only be as good as the input data used.

With our comprehensive data expertise, we are in a position to provide you with tailored advice on optimized data handling and to show you which mobility solution with which data will make you even more efficient.

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Getting the most out of your mobility application

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Software and corresponding data from a single source

We already include a compatibility check of the data used when determining your requirements

PTV Vistro rapid buildout
Scalability included with system extension

Our data packages can “grow” with spatial or content extensions

Field service management software benefits: Customers
Provider-independent advice on data use

As a partner of leading data suppliers all over the world, we can provide you with independent advice

Optimize your PTV mobility product

Add value to any mobility solution using our data.

As a leading provider of traffic software, we have a wide range of mobility solutions to offer:

  • PTV Visum
  • PTV Model2Go
  • PTV Visum Publisher
  • PTV Vissim
  • PTV Viswalk
  • PTV Optima
  • PTV Balance&Epics
  • PTV Euska 

Depending on the use case, the performance of these products can be increased, sometimes significantly, if you combine them with the right data.

With our many years of experience, we can advise you on the optimum data for your objectives.

Wide choice of data packages

Points of Interest (POI)
Point data for location analyses and web maps
POIs are the most commonly used point data.
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Microgeographical data
For efficient location and territory planning
With PTV PLZ8 XXL, PTV Socio Streets or PTV Data Grid, you can get close to your customers right down to the house level.
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Mobility data by PTV
Traffic models and traffic frequencies
With our mobility data, you have access to traffic models and traffic frequencies, even to specific road sections, days or time of the day.
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PTV market data
Basis for effective marketing and territory planning
Our market data puts your sales and location planning on a secure footing.
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