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Our Field Service Management Software PTV Map&Market enables you to boost the productivity and performance of your sales and field service. On average, our users save at least 10 hours per employee and month thanks to PTV Map&Market – at least 7.5% more of their time that your employees can spend with your customers. Find out how our field service management software enables you to save time and cut costs and, at the same time, make better strategic decisions.

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Customers who are satisfied with the Field Service Management Software PTV Map&Market

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Benefits of our Field Service Management Software PTV Map&Market

Field service management software benefits: Better decisions
Make better decisions

Sound strategic decisions based on well-visualized geodata

Field service management software benefits: Locations
Identify optimal locations

Identify top sites for production, outlets, depots & employees

Field service management software benefits: Sales territories
Create fair sales territories

Distribute workload and sales potential evenly among all employees

Field service management software benefits: Sales territories
Plan schedules quickly

Quick planning accounting for requirements and restrictions

Field service management software benefits: Customers
More time for customer

Less planning & driving - 10 hours more for customer visits monthly

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Test our field service management software PTV Market to boost the productivity and performance of your sales and field service.

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Use Case

Visualization of geodata

With our field service software, you can perform geographic market analyses, clearly display company and market data on a digital map and make regional connections visible. Identify your company's A, B and C customers quickly, visualize market and purchasing power data, recognize high-turnover sales areas or unused sales opportunities. With just one look at the map, you gain important insights and are able to answer questions relevant to marketing, market research, sales and controlling.

Use Case

Location planning

Our field service management software enables you to perform a comprehensive location analysis and offers you support in location planning.

In the analysis, you evaluate potential sites on the basis of real key figures such as demographics (e.g. households, inhabitants), market data (e.g. purchasing power), infrastructure (e.g. public transport, frequency drivers), competitors as well as company-specific factors (e.g. industry, target group).

In addition, you can use the software for location planning, expansion and consolidation: Determine the optimal number and position of production facilities, depots, branches, and even residences for new salespeople and district managers using state-of-the-art algorithms.

Use Case

Sales territory planning

PTV Map&Market’s sales territory optimization enables you to achieve full market coverage along with shorter travel distances and an even workload across the entire team. The result: more time for customer acquisition and support of existing customers, higher revenues at lower costs and more satisfied employees.

Use case

Field service scheduling

Automate your field service scheduling with PTV Map&Market. At the push of a button, the software calculates weekly and daily schedules taking into account all specifications and restrictions such as working hours, opening times or visit frequencies. This way, your employees spend less time in the office or on the road and more time with your customers.

Flexible software components instead of full software?

Are you rather interested in particular features to integrate into your existing logistics or telematics software? Why don't you have a look at our PTV Developer software components! PTV Developer are scalable, flexible, easy to integrate and above all - they help you to optimize every logistics process.

Learn more about PTV xServer

Which industries benefit from working with PTV Map&Market?

Consumer Goods

Having an efficient and effective sales force is indispensable in the "fast-moving consumer goods" (FMCG) or "consumer packaged goods" (CPG) sector. Your sales employees ensure that your goods are available where your customers shop for them. Moreover, they check that POS displays are attractive and well-placed and plan upcoming campaigns and promotions for their territory with store managers.

PTV Map&Market helps you identify untapped sales potential, determine ideal branches for campaigns, and create optimized visit itineraries. It even allows you to pinpoint where sales representatives should live to ensure ideal market coverage with the shortest possible travel distances. This way, the tool enables you to ensure that your sales workforce performs optimally.


Economic success in the retail and trade sector is based on making the right strategic decisions – ideal store locations, warehouse distribution and an optimal flow of goods are key. Where should you open a new branch to gain access to a new catchment area, while avoiding cannibalization with an already existing branch?

You need to know where consumers, competitors, your warehouses and branches are located. Lists and tables aggregate data, but they don’t help you gain a quick overview of all relevant information. What you need is a well-structured map that visualizes demographic and geographical data.

The field management and retail location planning software PTV Map&Market offers you the right tools for analysis, visualization and optimization for your site planning. This way, you avoid wrong investments and are closer to your customers.


Less possibilities for price fixing, increased advertising spending for both branded products and generics, more online retailing - competition in the OTC and RX sectors is increasingly growing. Drugstores and perfumeries, too, are under great pressure as they fiercely compete with online businesses. In this competitive environment, the higher quality customer service and support your sales representatives are able to provide, the better.

The software supports you in optimizing territories, campaigns and itineraries. Like no other tool, it masters the complex field service management of pharmaceutical companies. 

Print & Mail

Determining optimal delivery districts and planning the distribution of print and postal products as well as advertising publications is complex. Why? Because in addition to maps with detailed displays of street segments and exact house numbers, you also need to plan schedules and driving routes for your delivery staff. The transparency of delivery quality also plays a major role.

PTV Map&Market provides you with sophisticated software for delivery and distribution planning of print and postal products, advertising journals and household advertising. It eliminates the need for detours and time-consuming searches for the right address. Plan house number-specific and fine-grained walking and pickup routes for your advertising and newspaper delivery staff and service personnel. The result: They find the right door without wasting time.


Especially in times of exploding fuel prices, geo-optimised field service scheduling is important in order to save costs without reducing the quality of customer service. PTV Map&Market supports you in this: With the software, you plan transparent and compact territories for your field staff as well as optimized itineraries that can actually be completed. As a result, your employees are able to make more visits per day and also arrive on time and more relaxed at your customers.

Do you want to explore new sales territories and opportunities? Visualize all relevant key figures (e.g. construction force data, POS, building permits) in the tool during the search for this and perform white spot analyses to identify potential customers. Of course, we offer data as an add-on service.

What customers say about PTV Map&Market

We were well advised and our calculations reviewed. Now we can plan weekly routes for our field service optimally.

Heiko Meier
Unilever Deutschland

We use PTV Map&Market for more than route planning and scheduling. We base strategic decisions, like which stores to focus on, on it.

Dieter Lohmann

PTV Map&Market is unrivaled. It significantly increased the number of customer visits, improved customer service and employee satisfaction.

Marcus Ebsen
Queisser Pharma

We've been working with PTV for years: uncomplicated, unbureaucratic, simply top-notch!

Hr. Behmer
Sonax GmbH

With PTV Map&Market, we can optimally exploit our market. The software is extremely cost-effective relative to the success achieved.

Michael Fischer
Saarbrücker Zeitung

The training was very understandable, even days after Mr. Thiemann was available to help me with further questions. It could not have been done better.

Lena Heerlein
EVT Dichtstoffe

PTV Map&Market is ideally suited to easily transfer complex, geographic sales strategies into reality.

Stefan Berger
Head of Sales Management / Controlling

Leverage our experience and know-how in field service planning

Benefit from a unique combination: the state-of-the-art field service management software PTV Map&Market, more than 30 years of experience in geographical planning and the know-how of our consultants. Our consultants advise you on the following challenges:

  • Location planning, expansion planning, planning of branch locations
  • Visualization and analysis of your sales force structures
  • Restructuring and optimization of your sales regions

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Partner Solutions

Field Service Management for SAP HANA Cloud Platform© & Oracle Sales Cloud©

A field service management software is only as good as its database. To create optimized sales territories and routes, the software needs information about customers and sales representatives. A smooth and seamless interface to your CRM system is therefore essential. PTV Map&Market is integrated into many popular CRM systems. This guarantees an accurate data transfer and an up-to-date database.

We offer fully integrated and  convenient solutions for the popular CRM software solutions SAP HANA® Cloud Platform and Oracle Sales Cloud©. Get in touch to leanr more.

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Compare our solutions

PTV Map&Market offers various solutions with different scopes to provide you with all relevant functionality for your use case.

PTV Map&Market Basic

  • Visualise and analyse
  • Import and geocode data
  • Manual territory planning  


PTV Map&Market Premium

  • Visualise and analyse
  • Import and geocode data
  • Automatic location and area planning
  • Strategic route planning and scheduling
  • Planning delivery and collection districts

PTV Map&Market Planner

  • Visualise and analyse
  • Import and geocode data
  • Automatic location and area planning  


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