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Narrow roads, low bridges, no opportunities for U-turn – many roads are not truck friendly. That’s why you need a professional truck navigation. PTV Navigator is a navigation software for trucks and fleets. It guides your truck drivers to their destination safe and sound, and on time. The PTV Navigator truck app navigates them turn-by-turn and only on suitable routes. The result: Less detours and time, and lower transportation costs.

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Truck Navigation App PTV Navigator at a glance

The truck navigation app PTV Navigator makes sure your trucks always stay on the most economic route available. Unlike free tools like Google Maps, custom truck routing systems consider truck-specific restrictions and regulations and only use truck safe navigation.

The seamless integration with your route planning software ensures that routes are driven as they were planned.


Why you should consider PTV Navigator

Rest areas
Rest areas

The app uses Europe's largest database of truck stops and suggests rest options along the route

Live traffic updates
Live traffic updates

PTV Navigator considers real-time traffic information, adjusts the route, and updates the ETA

User friendly

PTV Navigator offers your drivers a user-friendly, easy-to-understand user interface in 20 languages

Functions of the truck navigation app PTV Navigator

Truck-specifc navigation routes

PTV Navigator considers your vehicles’ attributes and only guides your drivers on routes suitable for freight traffic. This saves your driver unexpected detours, U-turns, time and stress!

Offline maps

Once your truck drivers have downloaded the map updates, offline navigation is available. They only need an internet connection to access real-time traffic information.

Live traffic assistant

Benefit from the latest traffic information with TomTom HD Traffic. Calculate new routes in case of disruptions and avoid traffic jams. Monitor your Truckers’ GPS position, continuously update arrival times and keep customers informed.

Truck parking assistant

Time for a break? Just activate the convenient Truck Parking Assistant to find parking close to your current GPS position conveniently and quickly! With over 34,000 truck rest areas in Europe.

Avoid toll roads

You want to avoid toll roads whenever possible? No problem with PTV Navigator. Simply set your preference and travel on toll free roads.

Simple installation

Whether via Google Play or a PTV partner – installing the app is easy and quick. Download more mapping data, voice options or one-off destinations as needed.

Easy to use

PTV Navigator is clearly arranged and intuitive to use: PTV Navigator gives your drivers a clear, easy-to-understand interface, available in 20 languages.  For you, this translates into a low need for support: After the rollout, the maintenance effort is minimal.

Seamless integration

Connect PTV Navigator seamlessly with other fleet management applications and allow them to execute functions like starting the navigation remotely.

Test the best truck navigation app for free

Try the full version of PTV Navigator for free for 14 days. Simply download the app, enter your destination and start driving.

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Available versions for trucks and van fleets

You get to choose between two options perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • PTV Navigator Truck offers everything you’d expect from a professional navigation solution tailored to trucks – truck restrictions, clearances, hazardous goods restrictions and special truck routing.
  • PTV Navigator Fleet is our professional fleet navigation solution for transport vehicle fleets that weigh less than 3.5 tonnes and don’t need truck-specific routing.

Integrate Truck Safe Navigation into your fleet management via API or SDK

Both PTV Navigator Truck and PTV Navigator Fleet come with an extensive programming interface (API) that enables communication between the navigation app and other applications.

Alternatively, develop your individual navigation solution for Android, iOs or Windows with PTV Navigator SDK. The PTV Navigation SDK is a component library that offers navigation functionalities as easy-to-integrate developer components. These functions can be integrated into existing software solutions or used to build standalone navigation applications - the design of the finished application is entirely up to you.

Learning & Support

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