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PTV Group provides software solutions to empower mobility for a cleaner and smarter future. Discover our portfolio and join the ranks of more than 2,500 cities who already plan and optimize traffic and mobility in their cities with our software.

Mobility Product Portfolio

Application Areas

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Traffic Simulation
In traffic simulation, computer software models real traffic scenarios. It helps understand, plan and operate multimodal transportation systems.
Transportation Modeling
Transport models are the foundation of transportation and traffic planning. Read how to develop, maintain and apply a transport model.
Transportation Planning
Well-connected transportation and optimized mobility are crucial for social and economic prosperity. Therefore, planning needs to take a strategic approach. 
Road Infrastructure Planning
Road infrastructure planning ensures transportation systems are efficient, safe, and future-proof. But what are the key elements of infrastructure planning?
Urban Mobility
Urban mobility planning looks at how transportation systems are designed to allow people to access services in cities. We discuss the challenges and solutions for planners.
Active Mobility
Learn how to integrate walking and cycling into your multimodal transport model to foster active mobility.
Road Safety
Road safety analysis can help reduce traffic accidents and avoid injuries or casualties. Find out about new methods of analyzing road safety data.