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Discover our cutting-edge software solutions, APIs, developer components and data to optimize your logistics and mobility planning and operations.

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Econolite and PTV Mobility will be combined to form the new Mobility business, operating under the brand Umovity.

Bridgepoint and Porsche SE supported PTV and Econolite to join forces in 2022 and now back the further integration into two strong and distinct businesses: Mobility and Logistics.

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Optimizing transportation of people and goods

We are experts in optimizing transportation - whether it's the transport of people or goods - and have over 40 years of experience with software solutions for logistics and mobility. Solving your transportation challenges is what drives us.

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Route Optimisation
Optimising routes for a large volume of orders is complex. Read how professional route optimization helps you to save time and money.
Traffic Simulation
In traffic simulation, computer software models real traffic scenarios. It helps understand, plan and operate multimodal transportation systems.
Truck Route Planning
With professional truck route planning, your trucks are always on the most efficient and safest route possible. Read how this works in this ultimate guide.
Transportation Modeling
Transport models are the foundation of transportation and traffic planning. Read how to develop, maintain and apply a transport model.
Last Mile Delivery
Last mile delivery is a critical yet costly part of logistics. Discover the optimization potential of your last mile delivery.
Green Logistics
Read how you can make logistics processes more sustainable, resource-efficient and climate-friendly with Green Logistics.
Transportation Planning
How can transport planning be designed to create efficient transport systems? Here you will find applications, examples and software.
Road Infrastructure Planning
Road infrastructure planning ensures transportation systems are efficient, safe, and future-proof. Discover key elements of infrastructure planning.
Urban Mobility
How should transport systems in cities be designed so that residents have access to services? Learn about solutions.
Active Mobility
Learn how to integrate walking and cycling into your multimodal transport model to foster active mobility.
Road Safety
Road safety analysis can help reduce traffic accidents and avoid injuries or casualties. Find out about new methods of analyzing road safety data.
About PTV

Software & data to accelerate business growth & livable cities

PTV provides software solutions, data, and consulting services to empower mobility and logistics for a cleaner, safer and smarter future. Customers in over 120 countries rely on PTV solutions - our best-in-class software for intelligent traffic modeling, simulation and management as well as transport optimization enables decision-makers in politics, cities, organizations, industries, and logistics to save time and money, make cities safer, and protect the environment.

With a global presence and over 40 years of expertise in mobility & logistics technology, our mission is to empower everyone to move forward.

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Companies in more than 120 countries, as well as 2,500 cities trust in PTV solutions

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