What added value can spatial data provide?

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Reliable spatial data is the power behind our customers’ strategic and operative processes and systems.

It forms the basis of reliable information, which is essential for accurate decision-making using a spatial reference. Take a look at our quality criteria:

  • Spatial accuracy and precise content
  • Always the latest data
  • Global availability
  • Extremely fine spatiality (data depth)

Keep reading and discover the world of data with PTV.

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Make use of more than 30 years of expertise in data

PTV Data Datenexpertise

Individual analysis of data requirements and solutions for all of our customers’ fields of activities

PTV Data Cloud

As an unbiased supplier of spatial data, we provide the best offer from a wide range of different data sources

PTV Optima KPIs scenario evaluation

Innovative data bases with largest possible homogeneity in international data handling

Our expertise – your advantage!

Comprehensive service from a single source

Even if spatial data is new territory for you: You will profit from using it in no time at all. We are at hand to advise you on everything relating to spatial data.

In order to help you get the most out of your data, we are available to support you all the way from your needs analysis through to data acquisition and integration, right up to licensing.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to implement your own GIS (geographical information system), or you would prefer to rely on proven cloud solutions. With over 30 years of market experience, we provide supplier-neutral advice on the most suitable data and systems for you.

Greater efficiency for your logistics solutions

Data for Logistics

Your logistics applications can do much more than simply fleet management and trip planning.

Enhanced with the right geodata, for example data on the spatial distribution of purchasing power in your sales territories, it can also be used to make CRM applications or sales solutions more efficient.

With our data expertise, we are able to advise you on integrating the right data into your system, whether it is locally available shapefiles or data from cloud services – from your needs analysis right up to legally compliant licensing.

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Boost your mobility solutions

Data for Mobility

PTV not only stands for mobility software, we also provide you with considerable added value through the specific use of suitable data.

For example, traffic models can also be combined with location planning or effective geomarketing, not only using a GIS (geographical information system): With the right business intelligence, you can give your big data the spatial reference needed to give you a significant competitive edge.

Discover data for mobility

Tried and tested data packages for any purpose

We would be happy to advise you about the right data records for your needs: Contact us at any time!

PTV Data
Data as a Service by PTV
Data as a Service includes all the necessary steps to ensure that you have access to the data you need at any time, usually via a web service.
Learn more
Digital boundaries
Administrative, postal and statistical areas
PTV can provide you with the boundaries of different classification levels for a wide variety of marketing, planning and structuring purposes.
Learn more
PTV market data
Basis for effective marketing and territory planning
Our market data puts your sales and location planning on a secure footing.
Learn more
Microgeographical data
For efficient location and territory planning
With PTV PLZ8 XXL, PTV Socio Streets or PTV Data Grid, you can get close to your customers right down to the house level.
Learn more
Mobility data by PTV
Traffic models and traffic frequencies
With our mobility data, you have access to traffic models and traffic frequencies, even to specific road sections, days or time of the day.
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Points of Interest (POI)
Point data for location analyses and web maps
POIs are the most commonly used point data.
Learn more
Street networks
Street networks for all applications from GIS, routing and traffic planning
PTV Digital Data Streets is just one of the renowned street networks in PTV’s range that you can combine with almost any of our data.
Learn more
Distance tables
Keeping road mileage under control with EWS
The distance tables PTV Entfernungswerk Straße (EWS) provide you with precise kilometer distances between any destination in Europe.
Learn more
Local and street directories
Effective routing, location management or sales management
PTV’s local and street directories are just right if you need the exact location of places, districts, streets or street sections for Europe.
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