PTV Lines

The public transport tool with all the scope and none of the complexity

PTV Lines is an easy-to-use web-based platform for public transport planning. It provides planners with all functionalities needed for a rapid design and modification of new and existing public transport supplies. It does not, however, require expert knowledge in public transport planning software. The tool enables planners to test out ideas quickly and to understand the effects of changes to the infrastructure right away. The result: PTV Lines facilitates sharing, reduces copy errors and accelerates creativity and productivity during the planning process.

PTV Lines Introduction

How does PTV Lines work?

Let's say, you are facing a construction site on your bus line. PTV Lines helps you detour your line effortlessly. Duplicate your scenario and open it. Zoom in onto your line and upload the construction work data. Next, you see the construction site drawn in on your map. Mark the spot that should be detoured and see how the line is automatically redirected. What you then need to do is to dismiss the old stops and to adjust the dwell and trip time accordingly.

Use Case Summer Break

During July and August, when schools are closed for summer vacation, less public transport service is required. It is the perfect opportunity for public transport operators to save on staff, vehicles and general costs. PTV Lines helps you to adjust your services and learn about the operational costs. You may create several alternative scenarios and evaluate them. Regular services are usually aligned to school times. Before and after school the service frequencies are higher. Adjust the days for which the operation key values are calculated from the annual plan (365 days) to summer break duration. Also, it is possible to merge weekday and weekend to have less frequency variants. Delete the unnecessary services frequency groups and adjust the headway. Done. It is that easy.

Why you should work with PTV Lines

Reliable decisions based on facts Icon
Reliable decisions based on facts

Understand the concrete effects of infrastructure changes before making decisions

Benefit: Collaborative editing and comments
Increase transparency through collaboration

Design public transport services together as a team and share results with stakeholders

Accelerate productivity and reduce errors

Sketch ideas quickly with a powerful and intuitive tool, streamline your workflow and boost productivity

Key Features in Beta Version

Service planning & evaluation

  • Upload your PT supply data in different formats
  • Create and compare numerous scenarios
  • See the On-the-fly calculated run time of line routes as you sketch or edit your line routes on the map
  • See and change dwell and run times of line routes easily in a simple schematic view
  • Timetable editing
  • Operation costs and supply KPIs

Simple, powerful editing

  • Create lines, line routes, and stop points
  • Model different infrastructure systems by assigning different transport systems to your supply
  • Add or modify your line routes on the map, along the road network or beeline
  • Benefit from the automatic stop detection based on nearest distance and transport system by sketching your line routes
  • Modify your stops on your line routes manually after automatic stop detection
  • Undo all your changes

Background data

  • Upload own spatial background data like population or points of interests
  • Visualize your data as a layer in addition to  your public transport service on the map and consider any changes based on it

Collaborative working

  • Invite other people and assign them different roles and rights
  • Design your public transport service collaboratively with others and share results with stakeholders

Intuitive usability without training

  • Start to work without expert knowledge in transport planning software or extensive training

Web-based cloud application, no installation or updates required

  • Work in your web browser on any computer or laptop without installation
  • Always work with the latest release including up-to-date features

What you can expect from upcoming releases

We are continuously expanding the scope of functionalities of PTV Lines. These features are on the roadmap:

  • Improved collaboration and conflict management
  • Analysis of background data within line routes and catchment areas
  • Export of public transport supply scenarios
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Demand Analysis

Licenses & Plans


Extra Small




Region size (km2)

unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited

Population of region

unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited

Number of lines in the network per scenario

<50 <100 <500 <2,000

Number of stops in the network per scenario

<500 <1,000 <5,000 <100,000

Number of scenarios

100 100 100 100

Number of users

2 5 10 20

Customer support

Full Full Full Full

A selection of satisfied PTV software customers

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